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As small farms begin to make a come-back in Vermont, our group of working farms, food producers, and lodging and dining establishments saw an opportunity to create something special; a cooperative through which we could better provide our neighbors and visitors with authentic experiences that deepen their appreciation and understanding of a working agricultural community and which could serve as a sustainable peer-learning and support system for its members.

Vermonters and visitors are seeking fresh foods bursting with flavor. People want to learn new and traditional methods of preparing these foods and time-honored ways to live simply and sustainably. We offer people the opportunity to learn, shop, dine, and stay, making memories they will value and contributing to our efforts to grow food more sustainably and keep rural communities vibrant.

All located in the area surrounding Brookfield, Vermont, our members offer locally produced farm products including locally raised meats, vegetables, farm tours, cooking classes, on-farm workshops, events, farm vacation packages, farmstays, and more. As a cooperative we gather together with visitors as a community, hosting seasonal markets and special events. We feel honored to be chosen to provide for significant celebrations, from birthday parties to weddings, for members of our community and guests from elsewhere. Most of all we are heartened by the broad spectrum of interest in our efforts. 

 The Floating Bridge - Brookfield, VT

The Floating Bridge - Brookfield, VT

The group takes its name from the renowned Floating Bridge built in 1820. The only floating bridge east of the Mississippi, it spans scenic Sunset Lake in the center of charming Brookfield Village—home to Ariel’s Restaurant and the Brookfield Old Town Hall, a close partner in our work.   

With Brookfield and the Floating Bridge at our heart, we draw our members from the surrounding towns of Northfield, Randolph, Braintree, Roxbury, Williamstown, Chelsea, and Tunbridge.

 Courtesy of Ed Koren

Courtesy of Ed Koren

Our logo also bears the mark of community. A contribution by the artist, the logo was created by Ed Koren, a well-known cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine, who is a local firefighter and resident of Brookfield Village.


Special thanks to photographers Katrina Landau, Robert Eddy, John Miller and the coop members who provided images for this website.

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Our History



Marda Donner & Laura Olsen  Co-Presidents
Dan Childs  Treasurer
Lew Stowell  Secretary
Richard Fink  Board Member At Large
Chandra Blackmer Board Member At Large