Pagoda Pond Gardens

Pagoda Pond Gardens is a family-owned daylily and herb farm, specializing in hardy hybrid daylilies. We offer hundreds of named cultivars – diploids and tetraploids, early, mid, and late season bloomers, many colors and sizes that include spiders, eyed, ruffled, bicolors, ‘unusual forms,’ and doubles. All of our daylilies have been grown for at least a year at Pagoda Pond and are hardy in Central Vermont (zone 4).

Included in our display gardens are the earliest hybrids (1893) to the most recent registered hybrids from growers and hybridizers in northern North America. Our species collection highlights the daylilies imported from Asia hundreds of years ago which are the ancestors of our modern daylilies. In addition there are hundreds of daylilies from our own hybridizing program in the garden.

In 2013 we created an historical daylily garden. In this new garden we have collected the earliest named hybrids and planted them in chronological order so that visitors can see the evolution of the daylily that has taken place through the efforts of hundreds of amateur backyard hybridizers for the past 120 years.

Ellen and Robyn are members of the American Hemerocallis Society and the Patriot Daylily Society, and visit daylily growers and hybridizers in the northeast to pick out the best cultivars to bring back to Pagoda Pond.


Daylilies - Vermont-hardy daylilies in several display beds. Popular daylilies dug, potted, and ready for purchase. Field-dig varieties are available as supply, time, and weather allow. The daylilies start blooming in June, reach peak bloom in mid-July, and continue blooming through August. Bring your camera! We are happy to answer your questions about growing daylilies, their history, and show you how to hybridize your own daylilies.

Culinary and Medicinal Herbs


Open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in June, July, and August, 10 AM to 6 PM, weather permitting. Open at other times by appointment. If the weather looks questionable please call first – our business is out-of-doors only.

If you cannot visit us in person we can ship bare-rooted daylilies to US addresses. Please call or email for details.


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