Ariel's Restaurant

Fine dining restaurant, winter cooking classes, wine tastings and classes.

Ariel’s holds many special events throughout the year featuring local farm products and our Sunday Farm Suppers (each week from late June through September) which features foods sourced from within ten miles of the restaurant in a three-course price-fixed meal.

Brookfield Bees

A small apiary, cider mill and sugaring operation. Our bees produce honey for eating as well as beeswax for making candles and soap.

In the fall, we collect apples from trees around the Kibbee neighborhood which we press into sweet cider.  In the spring we tap approximately 500 maple trees on our property to collect sap which we boil to make maple syrup.

Fat Toad Farm

Fat Toad Farm is a small, family owned and operated goat dairy in Vermont specializing in hand-crafted goat’s milk caramel sauces made with fresh, sweet milk from their own herd of Alpine dairy goats.

Husband and wife team Steve Reid and Judith Irving created the business with their daughter Calley Hastings, following an old-fashioned business model based on close family ties, their food, their animals, their land and their local community

Green Mountain Girls Farm

Raising healthy (natural and sustainable), happy (free range and loved) animals and vegetables to provide food for our community, Including local, organically managed meat (pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and goat), eggs, vegetables, and goat milk  year-round.

We offer people the opportunity to experience a bit of farm life through farmstays and lodgingevents, and farm experiences, such as learning to milk, collecting eggs or being a farmer-in-training.

L.H. Stowell & Son Christmas Trees

A great source of wholesale Christmas trees and boughs, a wonderful  traditional family choose & cut Christmas tree experience and a secluded but comfortable two bedroom, 2 bath cottage on beautifulTwin Ponds.

Spotted Dog Farm

Spotted Dog farm is a small alternative all natural farm, a 200 year old neglected farm brought back to life with alternative energy all natural planting methods and a lot of hard work. Currently offering berries (fresh and frozen), garlic, maple syrup, honey, and jams.

Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers

We believe in the healing power of plants and are dedicated to growing medicinal plants of the highest quality, beginning with healthy soil and followed through with care in harvest and processing. Our work is inspired by natural farming, permaculture principles, biodynamic methods, and the rich traditions of those who have farmed this land before us.

We sell our herbs both dried and as live plants. We also grow dye plants which we sell live or ready to use.