Slice of Life Workshops Dish up Farm Fresh Learning

The Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative is launching a new website and a series of workshops and classes. This Slice of Life series is designed to offer something for everyone.  There are basic demonstrations for people wanting to add adventure to their summer and classes targeted for individuals and families who want to bring more local ingredients to their table. More in depth workshops will feed the interests of aspiring homesteaders and modern farmers.

The summer Slice of Life series of learning events will open in conjunction with the Cooperative’s June 22nd Market Day. At 1pm, Lee Duberman, Chef at Ariel’s Restaurant, will demonstrate Cooking with Local Herbs and, at 2pm, Pagoda Ponds Gardens will demonstrate Making Salves and Balms with Local Herbs. These learning events are set within the Market Day’s festive abundance and beauty , at Brookfield’s Old Town Hall, where guests can also enjoy a local meal or snack.

Slice of Life classes will focus on Vermont’s vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and other specialty crops and is supported by grants from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and Hunger Mountain Cooperative. Slice of Life classes will enable folks to explore fundamental skills, pruning trees, preparing vegetable and ornamental gardens, harvesting and preparing delicious, nutritious dishes from backyard gardens and farmstands, along with creating crafts and decorations. Information about the full series of Slice of Life classes, workshops and demonstrations can be accessed via

 “We have grown distant from farms” acknowledges Chuck Ross, Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. “This series will enable Vermonters and visitors to deepen their appreciation of our fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers and encourage them to fill their pantries and suitcases. The connection between the food on our tables, the economy, the ecology and the farmers who produce it is fundamental.”

“The Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative offers more than a scenic detour,” said Megan Smith, Commissioner of Tourism and Marketing. "As we work to support agritourism growth in this state, this partnership is a prime example of Vermont business collaborations that welcome guests to explore, dine and stay where the back-road pace creates memorable experiences for visitors.”

 “As Vermonters we look for ways to enjoy and share the satisfaction of life in a rural, agricultural community. Increasingly people hunger for authentic experiences –ways to relax , recreate and create in more grounded circumstance, ways for young and old to learn hands-on,”  says Judith Irving, co-owner of Fat Toad Farm. “We formed the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative so people can access a slice of this life –experience small farm living, locally raised products, and the seasonal beauty of Vermont’s working agricultural landscape.”

A full list of offerings can be found at the Coop’s  website and, where you can also find similar offerings from other parts of the state. 

For more information contact the Coop at: or Judith Irving at: 802-279-0098