Floating Bridge Food & Farms Cooperative & Ariel’s Restaurant in Brookfield

by Lee Duberman
In The Northfield News

"Even before Local and Sustainable became buzzwords for foodies, my husband Richard Fink and I have been searching out the best local produce that we could find. We've always felt that the closer to home the vegetables and meats were produced the better they would taste, and the smaller the footprint we would leave on our surrounding environment.

We’ve made friends with so many local farmers and food producers: Judith and Callie at Fat Toad Farm, Kate at Sweet Roots Farm, Brad and Emily at All Together Farm. We’ve been knocked over by the beautiful cheeses, vegetables, pigs and chickens they’ve supplied for Ariel’s menu. I can’t wait until early summer when sweet, juicy berries, vibrant greens, and peas that pop brightly in the mouth are available to me. When Brad’s chickens come to my door it all comes together in a burst of flavor that can’t be duplicated from Costco or our local supermarket!..."

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