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Honey Tasting & Learning with Brookfield Bees

  • Green Mountain Girls Farm 923 Loop Rd VT, 05663 United States (map)

5:30 to 6:30 pm Enjoy a Slice of Life demonstration from Brookfield Bees. Meet the farmers behind this lovely treat and learn more about this unique food product that we enjoy courtesy of the honeybee.  There will be a talk about honeybees, how bees make honey, floral sources of nectar, how floral sources affect the taste, texture and color of honey, how honey is extracted, and beekeeping in general. And sample the difference between honeys of the world

Also, join the Green Mountain Girls for March (Kidding) Madness at the Farm with our Goat Kids & Greens Tour

4-6 pm Farm tour - From winter greens to adorable goat kids – meet the stars of the farm! - $ 5/person

4 to 7 pm: Pickle Sampling

Sample a range of pickles, canned and quick pickles and discover some new ideas for pairing pickles!

4-7 pm: Soup & Jacket Potatoes & shopping in the Farmstand - Our farmstand will be stocked with fresh, canned and frozen veggies, meats and more!  See what is available. We will also have hot farmhouse soup by the bowl for a quick bite as well as jacket potatoes!  (Ok, that is the British term, which we love! – better known in the US as stuffed or topped potatoes) Regardless, baked potatoes with fun farm toppings!

On the menu Thursday, March 19th: Carrot Ginger Soup & Jacket Potatoes

Soup and potatoes à la carte in the farmstand.

Demos are all complimentary!