Welcome To New Members - Third Branch Flower Farm

Pincus Family

What fun to welcome Third Branch Flower Farm as a new member to the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative! Located at the very top of Roxbury, VT, the first thing you notice upon arrival is the jaw-dropping view - 360º of jaw-dropping view. I'm sure the Pincus family are used to that oohing and awing from everyone that visits. And it doesn't stop there. Settle your gaze below the horizon and laid out before you are acres of perennial plantings harvested for fresh cut flower sales and nursery stock divisions sold all over the country. Started by Ed Pincus in 1987, Heidi Albright and Ben Pincus took over the management of the farm in 2013. Heidi and Ben are filled with inspiration and new ideas! Finishing touches were just taking place during my visit on a renovated farm building with plans to host classes such as martial arts and yoga as well as workshops in various skills such as basket making, herbalism and dance.

We hope everyone will stop by our Holiday Market on December 13 and 14 at Green Mountain Girls Farm so you can meet Heidi, Ben and their two small children. Items they hope to offer at the market include winterberry, red-twig dogwood, curly willow, immature pussy willow, crabapple stems and lovely gift cards with flower photos by Jane Pincus - a true family farm!