Welcome To New Members - Third Branch Flower Farm

What fun to welcome Third Branch Flower Farm as a new member to the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative! Located at the very top of Roxbury, VT, the first thing you notice upon arrival is the jaw-dropping view - 360º of jaw-dropping view. I'm sure the Pincus family are used to that oohing and awing from everyone that visits. And it doesn't stop there...

Ariel's Restaurant Sunday Farm Suppers

Every spring Lee and I eagerly anticipate the time when the bounty of our farms allows Lee to present a menu which is sourced from our friends and neighbors. Well that time is now. This Sunday (June 8th) we begin our Sunday Farm Supper Series with duck eggs from Amy Borgman, arugula and pork from Green Mountain Girls, baby romaine and spinach from Clotilde Hrishko and yes, morels I've foraged. It's a great 3 course menu (menu here) for all of 29 bucks and you can pair it with some really wonderful beer from Lawson's Finest and local wine from John at North Branch Winery. The new releases of Frontenac and Frontenac Gris are spectacular. It's supposed to be beautiful weather this Sunday, some come on out.

Fat Toad Farm announced winner of second-annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

Now THIS is how I like to start my Monday!   With a phone call from FedEx telling me we just won their $25,000 Small Business Grant Contest.  ….long pause… “Wait, are you serious?  You wouldn’t joke around with me, right, because we worked so hard on our application, it would be really uncool if you were pulling my leg right now.”

New Ways to Experience Fall Foliage

From lattes on hoof and farm fresh dinners to cider pressing, harvest markets, and world class music the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative’s Fall Foliage Trail provides visitors opportunities to frame the season’s glory in the intimacy of family farms in and around Vermont’s bucolic “pond village”, Brookfield, where unique opportunities abound to enjoy the splendor and awe of seasonal change from the ground up.

Living “Vermont the Movie”

This week our DIY holiday party gathered most of the team who helped grow this season’s food for a mini farm experience like the ones we sell and also offer with our Floating Bridge Food and Farm Cooperative colleagues, making merry and making edible gifts for our loved ones. American Express values such events as “priceless”. True.  But they are more. Their memories are assets much like gems. And the associated engagement generates greater connection – an asset equivalent to renewable energy.

This weekend we hope many of you can join us for more at LH Stowell & Sons Christmas Tree Farm and our Holiday Shop.

Vulnerability and Viability in the Hills of Vermont

Brené Brown suggests courage is borne out of vulnerability, not strength. She goes on to say the original definition of courage is “to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” Her findings on shame and “wholeheartedness” inspire.

Our Cooperative intentionally invites engagement. We engage each other and our visitors as we struggle and innovate to improve the viability of our small farms and food-based enterprises. Positioning our businesses to embrace visitors, inviting them into the intimacy of our family farms and home-based businesses and community is by definition about vulnerability! 

Appreciating Ariel’s Restaurant

The tavern room is aglow with laughter and cozy lighting. The buzz is warmer than social, richer than familial, more intimate than a community supper. If it were an LP or CD it would be called “the best of Ariel’s Restaurant”. In other realms it might simply be called magic or miracle. 

That is the snapshot I hold in my heart of the recent Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative walk-around tapas dinner at Ariel’s.